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**UPDATE 29th May 2016**: So, as some of you may have seen, the No Man’s Sky game release has been delayed until August 2016, so we will be pushing back the soundtrack release as well, to take this into account. You can still pre-order the record HERE and there’ll be more news soon on the boxset and artwork that we’ve been working very hard on. Thanks! 65ers.


Brothers and sisters! Hear this! Here, this:

A couple of years ago we were approached by video-game makers Hello Games to provide some original music for a new game they were developing, then known as ‘project skyscraper’, now known as ‘No Man’s Sky’. A sort of hyper-real, solitary waltz through a parallel universe in search of oblivion or whatever else feels appropriate in the face of the indifference of eternity.

The game, close to completion and due for release this summer, is also procedural, meaning, for those of you who don’t ‘do’ games, that it generates itself algorithmically rather than manually, and therefore is to all intents and purposes, evil. In other words, it means that the parts of the game one journeys through are theoretically unique, built by the game itself, and you are experiencing them for the first time. And the idea was to create an audio engine that also generated unique instances of music, albeit from a central library of sounds. 65daysofstatic sounds.

Our sort of gig right?

Right now, two years later, 65daysofstatic are working really hard with Hello Games’ best scientists and magicians to finish feeding enough raw music into the gaping mouth of the insane A.I. composer-in-the-machine to satisfy the tabula rasa that will conduct this vast symphony of noise, in time for the game’s release in June of this year.

And we’re also releasing an album of some of this music, which looks like this:

— No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe —

The next 65daysofstatic record, and the official soundtrack to the game. Just short of two hours of new music. Delineated as such:

— Album One: Music for an Infinite Universe —

M o n o l i t h
S u p e r m o o n
A s i m o v
H e l i o s p h e r e
B l u e p r i n t   f o r   a   S l o w   M a c h i n e
P i l l a r s   o f   F r o s t
E s c a p e   V e l o c i t y
R e d   P a r a l l a x
H y p e r s l e e p
E n d   o f   t h e   W o r l d   S u n

— Album Two: Soundscapes —

N M S _ e x t e r i o r A t m o s 1 / f a l s e   s u n s
t o m o r r o w / l u l l / c e l e s t i a l   f e e d b a c k
d e p a r t u r e / s h o r t w a v e / n o i s e t e s t
t e m p o r a l D i s s e n t / a s c e n s i o n _ t e s t 1 / k o a e c a x
b o r e a l i s / c o n t r a s t e l l a r
o u t l i e r / E O T W S _ V a r i a t i o n 1

Here is Supermoon:

This double album is available in the following formats:

• digital download of both albums.
• 2 x CD of both albums.
• 2 x heavyweight vinyl of Album One, with both albums included as digital downloads.
• 4 x heavyweight vinyl, deluxe boxset of both albums on vinyl & as digital downloads.

The full artwork will be revealed in the coming weeks. Rest assured, we have our best people working on it.

Recorded at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire by Dave Sanderson and Adam Sennitt, produced by 65daysofstatic and Dave Sanderson, and mixed at Castle of Doom, Glasgow by Tony Doogan in early 2015, with additional recording / red-light mixing by 65daysofstatic. Mastered at Abbey Road by Frank Arkwright. No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe will be released on June 17th by Laced Records.


In the meantime, we’re playing these dates, with the promise of many, many more to come:


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May 5th: Dunk! Festival, Zottegem, Belgium | TICKETS
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See you soon friends.

65erzzzzzz xx x x