Hey. So. The wonderful Monotreme Records are putting out our 2006 album on vinyl. It’s the one with Radio Protector on it. We are really excited about this.

Back then, when we were full of ridiculously complicated ideas (we are still full of ridiculously complicated ideas), we convinced Monotreme Records to buy us loads of polaroid film so we could release Radio Protector as a 7 inch record and give every single copy a unique cover, i.e- a polaroid. It took us ages and was completely worth it.

All those photos are out there in the world, somewhere. We can’t ever get them back. So instead we made a big booklet that contained all of them together for the first time. It will be included in the vinyl.

The pre-order bundle options are here: http://monotremerecords.limitedrun.com/categories/65daysofstatic

This should definitely be worth the wait.